Saturday, July 01, 2017

MarbleLympics 2017 Qualification Round

It's a marble racing event in a LEGO stadium with marble fans watching! The opening qualification race is followed by a sand run outside, complete with instant replay.  Then back to the stadium for the team Block Push event. Who knew marbles could do all this? The Funnel Spin Race is interesting -the aim is to be the last one across the finish line. So who are you rooting for- the Galactics, Oceanics, Limers, Jawbreakers, Quicksilvers, or some other team? Sixteen teams of four marbles each will compete in the full MarbleLympics. There are plenty more videos in the MarbleLympics series if you're interested. (via Digg)


Bill Scheitzach said...

If the truth be told, much of the stuff on YouTube is a massive waste of time, including this. But 'Marblelympics' still beats cat videos, precocious kids, and stupid human tricks eight ways from Wednesday.

Heidion 1 said...

I do not think this is a waste of time, this is high quality entertaining... I understand why they have almost 200.000 followers and 4 million views a month! If you can let millions of fans cheering for marbles, you earn this succes.