Friday, June 02, 2017

What's Inside my Hair Dryer

Dina Amin is a designer from Egypt. She became concerned about how modern consumer products are meant to be discarded instead of repaired, and the sheer amount of waste prompted her to take a look inside. What she found might surprise you!
I am not an animator, I studied product design, I am astonished by the amount of things we throw away especially when I go to scrap markets here in Egypt, and when I started posting photos of the products I take apart to learn why they break and are thrown away, people often commented saying that they never got to see whats inside the things they use daily, so I showed them, in an unusual way. And I thought I might have discovered the cutest way to talk about consumerism haha.
In addition to looking inside the appliances of modern life, Amin uses those parts to make something new and different and even animates them! Taking one step beyond animation, Amin created her first automata out of recycled parts that you can see here. See more of her dismantled products at Instagram.  (Thanks, Dina!)

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