Friday, June 16, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

The Woman Who Fought in the Revolutionary War. Deborah Sampson had to become Robert Shirtleff in order to serve in the Continental Army.

A Mexican Town Is Giving Americans Something Donald Trump Can’t: Affordable Dental Care.(via Metafilter)

How a Philly Ob-Gyn Ended Up Delivering a Baby Gorilla. Zoo vets thought Kira might need a cesarean section, but Dr. Rebekah McCurdy got the situation under control.

Being Too Clean Can Be Almost as Bad as Being Too Dirty. The balance of nature prefers a sweet spot somewhere in the middle.

The 19th-Century Book of Horrors That Scared German Kids Into Behaving. See illustrations from the rare 1845 first edition of Struwwelpeter.

Team Trump: Oval Office Tapes? Talk to My Lawyer. Or, how to look more guilty by the day.

A Pair of Rare Apple Sneakers are up for Auction. By the time the bidding ends on Sunday, the price is estimated to go to around $30,000. (Thanks, John Farrier!)

"Every summer, men head into the Siberian wilderness to hunt for mammoth tusks, I joined one expedition & watched tuskers get rich, get drunk & nearly die." Photographer Amos Chappie brings the adventure to us. (via reddit)

Sit'on back now kids and let me tell you the legend of Eric C. Conn.

Some Versions of "The Tortoise and the Hare" Messed With the Moral.


Bruce M said...

Oo la la Miss C. Lookin' good. :-)

gwdMaine said...

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Except herpes.

-- Artie Lange

Happy Friday Miss C!

xoxoxoBruce said...

Yes Miss C, happy Friday to you. Just pretend you get the weekend, or even one day, off. We know you don't, you work all seven, but pretend. ;o)

Miss Cellania said...

Okay, I am going wedding gown shopping with my daughter tomorrow. That means I am technically taking the day off, but I'll have to work twice as hard tonight to get everything covered.