Monday, June 12, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Haggis: Scotland's Dish. Includes a recipe and instructions for hunting the wild haggis.

They're on Obamacare, they voted for Trump, and they're already disappointed. Vox went back to Corbin, Kentucky, and found that those disappointed people will still vote republican.

The House of David Baseball Team. The players are from the Israelite House of David, a cult founded in 1903 in Michigan, in which members were not allowed to cut their hair.

How I Caught a Contract Killer. ATF agent Dominick Polifrone went undercover to nab cyanide killer Richard Kuklinski.

17 Wedding Picture Photobombs. The weddings went off just fine, except for that one picture that everyone remembers.

The True History of the South Is Not Being Erased. The removal of Confederate statues is history being made. 

The Long, Winding Tale of Sperm Science. We still haven't figured them out completely.

Victorian America's Furniture of the Future. George Hunzinger was a 19th-century furniture designer who believed in technology, so much that he filed 21 patents for convertible furniture, including the iconic folding chair we all know and love. 

The Secret History of the Cat Who Authored a Physics Paper.

15 Forgotten Summertime Activities We Need To Bring Back. Well, maybe not the bathing machine, but the others are loads of fun.

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