Friday, June 09, 2017


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Bilbo said...

Very, very true!!

Bill Scheitzach said...

Reminnnds me of a George Carlin routine found on his very first album about shows (specifically, cooking shows) on TV.  Imagine this delivered with a sorta-Southern accent at a mile-a-minute rate:

Hi there folks.  Welcome to the cooking show.  A lot of you folks been writing in asking us “How do you cook them damn grits?”  Well, we're gonna to show you today how you cook them damn grits.

First of all kinda get those grits down is a shallow sauce pan, kinda get a little water, about an inch and a halfa water above them grits.  Get that thing boilin', get a good high rollin' boil, a high rollin' boil, we call it a high rollin' boil.  Get that thing goin' good then you're gonna drain them off a little bit, drain them off a little bit, get a little steam out here, drain them off a little bit.

Get 'em down a little bit of moist little patties, two fat moist little patties.  Put 'em in a hot skillet, a hot skillet with lots of hot grease, get 'em brown on one side, get 'em brown on the other side, and then throw 'em away!  They're no good folks, you can't eat them damn grits!!