Wednesday, June 14, 2017

An Honest Trailer for the Live-Action Beauty and The Beast

Screen Junkies is back with a swing at a fairly recent film that also a tale as old as time. Beauty and the Beast was a huge hit in 1991, so Disney made a live-action version for 2017. The movie starring Emma Watson broke records: it is the the highest-grossing live-action musical of all time, the biggest ever March release, and the biggest musical debut weekend ever. But you can bet they found some craziness to highlight in this Honest Trailer. One thing they didn't touch on that annoyed me about the movie was why no one bothered to tell Belle that her skirt was tucked into her pantaloons through the first couple of scenes.

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jane martin said...

LOL it drove me bonkers to see the bottom of her skirt tucked into her unders. What was up with that? To show she was just a regular girl? Didn't work