Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

The Rosicrucian Mummies of San Jose. You can visit them when you're in town.

The Tangled Story Behind Trump’s False Claims Of Voter Fraud. Statistical error in one undergrad student's paper led to the mess we see now.

The Biggest Changes on the 2016 SSA Baby Names List

Signing Away the Right to Get a New Job. Non-compete clauses have trickled down to lesser-skilled jobs in order to keep low-paid employees in their place. (via Metafilter)

The World’s Trashiest Beach Is on a Remote Island in the South Pacific. Henderson Island is groaning under 38,000 pounds of plastic.

Colombia's National Sport Mixes Explosives and Beer. A game of tejo is like horseshoes on steroids.

Could Your Cells Be Worth Millions? Even if they are, your share could be negligible. 

Dangerous Skyscrapers Channel Wind And Sun, Topple Pedestrians And Start Fires. The unintended consequences of modern architecture can be deadly.

How WWI Sparked the Gay Rights Movement. Dying for one's country was an injustice to those who lacked the rights of other citizens.

Why Graduates Dress the Way They Do. The cap and gown used to be everyday wear for students.

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