Monday, May 08, 2017

High School Daze 1976

This footage is from Hempfield High School in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, taken in 1976. Check out those fashions! And the hair! If that's not your generation, it may seem a bit weird. But the music is awesome. I graduated from high school in 1976, so this is all very familiar to me. I could swear I recognized a few people, even though I went to a different high school. We got away with so much back then that kids can't get away with now. (via Digg)


Bruce M said...

I graduated in '73. So not much difference. This was a blast from the past. You're right, we got away with a whole lot more than today's kids.

Bill Scheitzach said...

Class of '72 myself.  This could have been taken at my high school too.
(well. maybe not my first high school ... a Catholic HS with a uniform-like dress code, y'know; transferred to public HS for junior and senior years)

And it's not that we "got away" with so much more, it's just that we were allowed to do things without someone else first setting it up so that could be no possibility of lawsuits, damage claims, or "hurt feelings".  And if we did get caught doing something wrong or just plain made an honest mistake we accepted the consequences and learned from it.


Ken D said...

Class of `55 here. Not that different except for boys hair, skirt length, and GIRLS WEARING PANTS! When Lois Manc*** wore some pants to decorate for the senior prom, WELL! I never saw such a scandal!