Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Real Life QWOP

If you've been around the internet for a while, you surely remember QWOP, the video game in which you controlled a runner's muscles. The coordination required to make it work correctly was impossible, which is what made it so funny. It also gave us a new respect for our brains that do it without thinking. There have been cosplay and simulations using real people. Well now, the Hacksmith takes that a step further and uses electricity to stimulate a real person's muscles, to see how well the game emulates the real-life scenario in the game. If you want to skip the tech, the experiment begins at about three minutes into the video. Luckily, he still has control over his arms for balance, or else this would just be constant falling. If it weren't for the laughing, and the fact that it was his idea in the first place, I'd feel sorry for him. (via Digg)

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