Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

The Black Dahlia Murder. You've heard of it; now learn the details.

Vanilla beans are a lot harder to grow than you'd think. The majority of the vanilla we consume today doesn't even come from vanilla beans.

John Oliver Dives Into The United States' Conflicting Laws On Marijuana.

Meet the clown who dominated Chicago’s airwaves for generations of kids. Every city had a Bozo, but Chicago took him seriously for 40 years.

What America can learn from the French health-care system.

That time the Beastie Boys recorded a country music album. You can listen to the whole thing if you want to.

7 Acts Of Madness Committed By History's Worst Dictators. No, not genocide or other war crimes, but their weird peccadilloes you might not know about. NSFW text.

Found: First Evidence in England of Burning Dead Bodies to Keep Them From Rising. The abandoned medieval town of Wharram Percy is giving us clues.

Where Are You Really From?

6 People Who Claimed to Have Been Romanovs. Before all the bodies were found, it was easier to convince people.

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