Thursday, April 13, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

The Beatles' First #1 Song. The Fab Four were making history in 1962.

Letter to the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. From a thirty year employee who is headed out the door.

In 1998, Mr. and Mrs. Spjut named their daughter Isis Harambe. They couldn't have imagined how that would turn out for her.

The Gay Old Days: If You Really Want To See San Francisco's Future, Go Back to 1957. The city was already becoming a haven for LGBT refugees.

Fifty Percent of Americans Are the Usual Suspects. Your picture may be used in a photo lineup, and you'd never know about it.

Behold, the majestic call of the mountain lion. Or maybe he's just doing bird impressions.

The Deeper Scandal of That Brutal United Video.

The Swashbuckling History of Women Pirates. They could be as adventurous and ruthless as they men they sailed with.

An Unplanned Meltdown at America’s First Nuclear Power Reactor. An engineer who was there in 1955 tells the story.

6 Easter Traditions You Might Not Know, but you might want to try them out. And here are more: 6 Easter Customs from Our Readers.


xoxoxoBruce said...

Best customer for the donuts or the ice cream?

Miss Cellania said...

I wish I could eat ice cream, but my teeth are in pretty bad shape right now.

Bill Scheitzach said...

You shouldn't need to chew ice cream, my dear.

Miss Cellania said...

I don't! But I can't stand the cold.