Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

No One is Innocent: The Ronnie Biggs Story. How a small time crook became a famous fugitive and sang with the Sex Pistols.

Why French Fries Are More of a Superfood Than Kale. Which would you rather survive on?

Is a trip with to IKEA with your significant other a stressful experience? Here's just the thing for that: A Relationship Saving Station at IKEA.

One family's life in the wilderness. David and Romey Atchley and their 13-year-old son only come to town once a year. (via reddit

Here’s How Grades Really Work. An overview of three different methods a teacher might use.

9 Creative Ways to Enjoy Cadbury Creme Eggs. Easter candy can be more than just Easter candy.

John Oliver explains gerrymandering. Anyone who cares about government at all needs to know these things.

20 Mildly Amusing Door-mats.

The Great Girl Scout Cookie Shortage of World War II.


Bruce M said...

Miss C., you're looking most fab.

Miss Cellania said...

Thank you, Bruce! It's easy when I only use two 12-year-old photographs for everything.