Monday, April 03, 2017

An Inverted Aquarium for a Pond

Luxusburger built an inverted aquarium for his fish. It gives the fish an opportunity to see the world above, and we can see the fish really well! The secret is the Shop-Vac's ability to suck all the air out. It's same idea behind koi domes, which are pre-made and float on the water. There are also ready-made fixed spheres. Or you could just install an upside-down aquarium that you already have.


Bill Scheitzach said...

Looks like the most crucial part is getting the watertight seal between the stand and the aquarium; that and making sure the stand is firmly set on/into the bottom of the pond.


Miss Cellania said...

Yeah, I like the last video linked, where she just set the aquarium on concrete blocks. I'd put one several inches below the water line to be safe.

Anonymous said...

Am I being slightly picky in wondering how the raised water bit gets oxygenated. Will it end up as " the dead zone". Jonnyodee