Friday, March 24, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

The Grateful Dead of Kay Powell. She turned obituary writing into an art form. 

Nowruz Celebrations Around the World. Nowruz is the Persian New Year holiday, which starts at the vernal equinox.

The Upside of Anger: It's a Strong Emotion, But Not Always a Bad One. And it makes people finally listen to you.

Why 10 Daily Tons of Ant Poop Keep This Rainforest Thriving. Instead of a village, it takes an army to grow a tree.

30 Passionate But Pointless Arguments. And afterward, you wondered why it mattered so much. (via Metafilter)

This $5900 office chair is supposed to counteract the ill effects of sitting at work. But can you stay awake while being that comfortable?

The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death.

Trump Lawyers Swipe at Teen Over Cat Website.

Why Are There No Eggs in Indian Cakes? You don't need them to make light and airy pineapple cake.

Neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you stress-free. Bring on the puppy videos!


gwdMaine said...

Hi Miss C.

Ya know, I was up all night wondering where the sun had
gone, then it dawned on me. It must have gone to school
to get brighter.

Ow Ow Ow Ow

On the Gig Economy, the Lyft article was great.

"...the American obsession with self-reliance, which makes it
more acceptable to applaud an individual for working himself
to death than to argue that an individual working himself to
death is evidence of a flawed economic system."

-- Great line.

Happy Friday!

Miss Cellania said...

Thanks, gwdMaine! Happy Friday to you!