Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

In the Greenhouse. How we developed the ability to grow plants indoors.

Republican Health Care Plan Would Mean 14 Million More Uninsured People In 2018, Says CBO. The government will save money, and rich people will save even more money. 

The Enduring Mystery of James A. Garfield’s Immigration Scandal. A fake news story almost cost him the election. 

Most Americans didn’t even want us to land on the moon. It seemed like an awfully big expense just to outshine the Soviets.

The Real Peril Of Crowdfunding Health Care. Your life may depend on the wealth of your social media followers.

For Steve McQueen, Racing Motorcycles Was No Act. His best friend and stuntman will tell you all about it.

Turkish artist Aydın Büyüktaş warps landscapes to make Inception-style images. They are beautiful, but might make you a little woozy.

Margaret Atwood on What The Handmaid’s Tale Means in the Age of Trump

The Untold Story Behind The Hogwarts Cat.

The Myth of Trump's Loyalty. He has a history of turning on you when it suits him.

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Witt's End said...

I hope you'll take this in the spirit in which it's offered - I'm a fan of yours, and have for years checked your posts at all of the sites on which you blog. Recently, however, you seem to be shifting your focus from weird and interesting links to Trump outrage. Not that I like the guy, but I liked the old non-political focus much better, and I miss it.


Debby Witt