Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Unfortunate juxtaposition. (via Bad Newspaper)

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Lilylou said...

I was on the Mukilteo ferry going home to Whidbey Island on one occasion a few years ago when a man jumped off the back end of the ferry. It was late at night and we were delayed for an extra hour, circling the waters between Mukilteo and Whidbey, assisting the Coast Guard in searching for the man. We passengers were asked to line the outside platforms of the vessel and signal if we saw something. It was winter, quite cold, but we got out there and did our best.

Like the man in the article, his body was never found; he was identified by a briefcase he had left behind in the passenger area. It happens every once in awhile in the Washington State ferry system. The water is so cold there that hypothermia is quick to set in, even in the summer. But it sure is an unfortunate juxtaposition of the photo!