Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Ig Nobel Limericks: Unboiled Egg and Unbribed Cops.

The story behind the song "Quiet," that took the Women's March on Washington by storm. 

The Mystery of Sedna: The Solar System's Icy Oddball World. It could one of many orbiting bodies out past Pluto.

5 Ways the Little House on the Prairie Books Stretched the Truth.  

An Automaton of Marie Antoinette, The Dulcimer Player. The exquisite 1784 machine is still making beautiful music.

Why You Should Get Your Eyes Checked … Now. People put off eye exams because they often aren't covered by insurance.

Tet, The Vietnamese New Year. See what it looks like to celebrate in Saigon.

Meet The Two Guys Who Snuck Into The Super Bowl. Without an advance plan, they passed through three layers of ticket-checking.

In Cherokee Nation, the opioid crisis is tearing families apart. Drug-related deaths among Native Americans is double the rate of the U.S. as a whole.

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Ken D said...

I already know how they celebrate Tet in Saigon. Tet `68 was my 30th birthday from Charlie. BTW my sweetie pronounced it TUT as in the king.