Saturday, January 07, 2017


Thomas brought this book to my attention: Moose-cellania: A Collection of All Things Moose by Bill Silliker.

If you liked Bill Silliker’s book Uses for Mooses, you’ll enjoy this book, as well. It is a masterful combination of humour, popular culture, and education -- all related to everyone’s favourite animal: the moose. Most of the book is about how humans have reacted to moose and the many odd things that have been done in the name of moose, from beer branding and the naming of U. S. Air Force squadrons to recipes for exotic cocktails, such as Moose Milk. In addition to the late Bill Silliker’s fabulous photos of moose, you’ll find some serious animal behaviour information about Alces alces written at a very accessible level, including such topics as mating habits, habitat range, and size and weight ranges.
I was for sure this was about my uncle Moose, but it's about real moose. I think. Still a great read! (Thanks Thomas!)

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