Thursday, January 05, 2017

I Am Disappoint

This is why we can't have nice things. The Hide-Away Piano Bar in St. Louis had a great idea, but now it's only a great sign. Todd may be persona non grata in the neighborhood for quite some time, but the guy who did the sign is a hero for bringing a smile to the internet. (via reddit)


Bill Scheitzach said...

You've gotta wonder just what it is that Todd did — or did not do.
Can we have a follow-up on this, please?


Bruce M said...

There's always that one person who spoils all the fun.

Bill Scheitzach said...

So I called HideAway, and a guy answered. I could hear the din of the bar in the background — the clinks of glasses, some tinny music. I told the guy I’m a reporter and I wanted to know what Todd did.

The guy goes, “Let me give you to the guy who made the sign.”

So then the first guy handed the phone to the sign guy, who is a bartender at HideAway named Sam Jackson.

Jackson was like, “Hello?” and I was like, “Hi, I have a very important question: What did Todd do?”

“There’s actually no such person as Todd,” said Jackson. “All of our signs are completely fake.”

“NOOOOO!” I yelled into the phone before I got it together and tried to act professional again. “Sorry, I just, I mean — Todd really isn’t real?”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you,” Jackson said. “You’re like the 29th person to call today.”

I asked Jackson if he makes all the signs. He said he does, but that some are completely made up while others are taken from Twitter or the Internet. In other words, when he’s not lying about Todd, Jackson is out there stealing your digital jokes and making them analog.

“What’s your favorite sign you’ve made?” I asked.

“Not this one, because it’s getting too many phone calls,” Jackson said.

“Well, okay, so which one is?” I asked.

“The first one we did,” Jackson said. “We’re near a stoplight that takes forever, so the sign said, ‘YOUR WAIT TIME AT THE STOP LIGHT IS 40 MINUTES, MIGHT AS WELL COME HAVE A BEER.’'

Miss Cellania said...

I saw that one, too!