Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Situation

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Engine Rebuild

Chris Herridge completely torn down and rebuilt an engine several years ago. He he knew he needed to take pictures so he could find evidence of where all the parts went, so he made an art project of the process. He took 3,000 pictures during the 11-month project. Add the perfect music, and you have a classic video, worth seeing again no matter how many times you've seen it before. (via reddit

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tomato, Tomahto

Cat City

A cat decides to run away from home and live on his own in the city. His adventure is lots of fun at first, but turns out to be less than hunky-dory after a while, as young people often find on their first foray into the real world. Still, the fact that he's a cat doing all this is just goofy, in a good way, in this animation from Victoria Vincent. (via Laughing Squid)

It Doesn't Add Up

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Thug Notes Summary and Analysis of Where the Wild Things Are

Who doesn't love the book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak? It was still a new book when I learned to read, and now it's a classic. So of course everyone will want to know what Sparky Sweets, PhD. thinks of it. This video, like all Thug Notes, contains NSFW language. This is like having the story read to you all over again, except adult-style. The discussion at YouTube reveals that quite a few high school teachers are using Thug Notes (among other sources) to teach literary criticism. (via Tastefully Offensive)

13 Creative Ways to Plant Succulents

From cactus to aloe, drought-resistant succulents come in an amazing variety of shapes and colors. This variety, and the fact that they're easy to care for, make succulents the perfect plants for everything from a tiny planter on the counter to a lavish outdoor display—and all the creative displays in a list I posted at mental_floss.

Five Inches of Danger


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John Boyega Pranks Star Wars Fans

In order to promote the Star Wars Force for Change charity sweepstakes, John Boyega did surprise photobombs at Star Wars Celebration earlier this month. Avid fans posing for pictures with a couple of stormtroopers and BB-8 were first shocked and then delighted to find Finn in their finished photo. Star Wars Force for Change benefits the UnNICEF and the Starlight Foundation. You can enter the drawing at Omaze.   

Miss Cellania's Links

Italian Hand Gestures.

The Story of Europe's First Muslim Ruler. When the Roman Empire fell, Abd al-Rahman I swept into Spain and Portugal.

Scientists aim to grow humans in plastic bag after successful test on baby sheep. The Biobag artificial uterus won't be for full pregnancies, but could help preemies grow a bit more.

The Rise of Slime Videos. It appears to be this generation's version of birdwatching. (via TYWKIWDBI

Purposefully removing condoms during sex without consent is heinous and dangerous. Is it also sexual assault?

Bill Hitler, Hitler's Idiot Nephew. A story told in the colorful language of Cracked.

The beauty of being an older mom. What you lack in energy is made up by more patience and focus.

21 Band Names Based on TV Shows. When you get the reference, you're already a fan.


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Everybody Wants to Be a Cat

Listen to Sam Robson do every vocal and  musical instrument in the Disney song "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat" from the movie The Aristocats. The further you get into this, the more you'll remember what an awesome scene that was.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Young at Heart

An Honest Trailer for The Social Network

I never saw The Social Network, since I already knew the outline of the Facebook story, and thought it had to be boring. Now I don't need to, since Screen Junkies has an Honest Trailer for the 2010 film. Well, maybe it wasn't as boring as I had imagined, since apparently it was quite fictionalized to add drama. But I can see that the movie is so poorly-lit that I probably wouldn't have been able to see it anyway.

Nigerian Prince

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Herding Kittens

How do you take a photograph of ten kittens? They are all from one litter, so they need a family portrait. But arranging kittens to face a camera is like …trying to herd cats. Exactly like that. No wonder mama cats are always on their last nerve. Evgeny, the Russian cat daddy, found that it's best to just use video instead of a still camera. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Diving Mask

Prom Detail

If you have to go to the prom, you may as well get a souvenir from that memorable evening. These cops took advantage of the amenities, including having their portrait made. No photographer is going to tell them they can't pose for a picture!

For readers outside the U.S. or without kids, police are often assigned to attend the prom in order to keep students from driving away drunk, although they sometimes have to break up fights or deal with more serious crimes. (via reddit)

Miss Cellania's Links

The Real Zorro? How tales of the bandit Joaquin Murrieta put on a mask and became a pop culture staple.

Tips are taxable, but gifts aren't (up to a point). So what if we gave waitress gifts instead of tips?

Donald Trump Is Unintelligible. Reading a printed transcript doesn't help.

Edward Gorey was a masterful storyteller and artist, and he was also a collector. Not of anything in particular that he could become an expert on, but everything.

Rethinking Critical Thinking With the Help of Carl Sagan. One place to start would be Sagan's "baloney detection kit."

Although Less Deadly Than Crinolines, Bustles Were Still a Pain in the Behind. Get a look at both and be thankful you live in the 21st century.

A father turned two Cozy Coupes into Mad Max: Fury Road vehicles for his children. They are now the coolest toddlers in Glendale.

Aristocrats of the 18th century were always on the lookout for something new and impressive to spend money on. For some, that meant hiring their own hermit, to entertain guests and to, let's say, outsource their interest in philosophy.

Build a Better Monster: Morality, Machine Learning, and Mass Surveillance. How technology outruns morality because of of money. (via Metafilter)

Stop Worrying That You Worry Too Much.

Shift Change

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11 Outrageous Ballpark Foods

Major League ballpark food has gone way beyond peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and the all-American hot dog. Now you can enjoy full meals, international cuisine, and eye-popping, gut-busting specialty dishes concocted for maximum publicity. Let's sample some of the outrageous dishes available at baseball games this year, in a list I posted at mental_floss.

Why Are So Many Popular Cartoon Characters Yellow?

Think about the biggest cartoon characters you know. A strangely large percentage of them are yellow. They each have their own reasons, but even so, they ended up in the same place. But why did so many successful cartoon end up yellow? To determine the answer, first we learn about color theory, then some animation history. So this video ended up being about a lot more than yellow cartoon colors, but it's all fascinating. Turns out that yellow is an altogether good color. (via Digg)

Monday, April 24, 2017

For the Naive

Irresistable Headline


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Tiger Cosplay

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Live Dangerously

Tweet of the Day

Spotted at the March for Science in San Francisco.

Spotted at the March for Science

(Thanks, Sami!)

Bowler Gets 300 in a Hurry

Ben Ketola had the bowling alley to himself, and rolled twelve strikes in a row for a perfect game …in only 86.9 seconds! That's a world record.
Ketola, of Cortland, New York, bowls about 50 games a week. He's been practicing this stunt to get his time down.
"It was fun to do. I honestly wasn't expecting to do it," said Ketola, a 225-average bowler who works and bowls at 281 Bowl. "I just wanted to see how quickly I could get across the house and get strikes."

While there is no official speed category in the official United States Bowling Congress' record books, Ketola wanted to attempt the unusual feat after watching a 2015 YouTube video posted by pro bowler Tom Dougherty. In the video, Dougherty fired 12 strikes over 12 lanes for what was billed at the time the world's fastest 300 game in 1 minute, 50.99 seconds.
In case you're wondering, he used eight of his own balls and two alley balls. (via SB Nation)

Incredibly Realistic Wolf Animation

This is just one of many wonderfully ridiculous animation tests (and parodies) you'll find in this Metafilter thread.

Miss Cellania's Links

Welcome to Slab City. Is it the last bastion of true freedom and independence in America, or a stinking, sunbaked, postapocalyptic ticking-time-bomb vision of hell on earth?

The web’s funniest stories. This should keep you busy for days. (via Nimble Pundit)

The Creators of This is Spinal Tap Still Haven't Been Paid. It's lawsuit time in a 33-year-old case of Hollywood accounting. (via Digg)

Why Poverty Is Like a Disease. The effects can last for generations.

In April of 1945, Swedish Jew Norbert Masur met with Gestapo chief Heinrich Himmler as a representative of the World Jewish Congress. Himmler spent the time him actions and covering his tracks. [PDF] (via Metafilter)

Does Iceland Really Have the Best Hot Dog in the World? Here are opinions from two correspondents who tried them.

Disposable lighters come in all colors, but the white ones are bad luck. How did this superstition ever come about?

DoggoLingo is the internet language about dogs. Even if you've never heard of it, you recognize it when you read it. (via Metafilter)

19 Fictional Characters Whose Names You Don't Know. But you will after you read this!

Cats Doing the Movies

I still have more cats doing impressions from their favorite movies. See if you can guess all these. Yeah, some are giveaways.

Simon's Cat vs. Boxes

Cats love boxes, but some boxes are better than others. To determine which is the best, they must all be thoroughly checked out. Simon's Cat and the kitten are channeling Maru and his sister Hana in the latest animation from Simon Tofield. If he fits, he sits …and if he doesn't fits, he sits anyway. In color, no less. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dog Math

Let The Day Begin

The Call from 1989. This one brings back some memories, alright.


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Dog Does His Duty

Lusy Imbergerova and and her dog Deril perform canine freestyle at the FCI Dog Dance World Championship 2016. This routine is not so much dance as it is a military drama. Deril works out, goes on patrol, and even saves Lusy's life before it's over! That's a good dog.  

The Best Signs from the March for Science

The March For Science took place on Saturday, with demonstrators converging on Washington DC and almost 500 other cities in the U.S. and around the world to advance science-based policies and funding for science. Considering the subject of the march, you would expect to see a lot of clever, nerdy, pun-filled signs. There were plenty of them. See roundups of the best signs at CNN, the Washington Post, Time, Mashable, Uproxx, and the nerdiest of all at the Boston Globe. Buzzfeed had a list of humans with signs and another of dogs with signs. See more pictures of signs being added constantly at Twitter. (via Metafilter, where you'll find even more)

Dark Continents

Why Are You Always Tired?

Getting enough sleep is important to everything else in your life. That's hard to deal with when you have deadlines, to-do lists, and people counting on you to get things done. However, a proper amount of rest will help you do all those things more efficiently than if you are tired. There are a lot of things that can affect your sleep, and you might have to work on every one of them to get sufficient rest. Our friends from AsapSCIENCE have some facts about sleep and how we can get not only more sleep, but better quality sleep. (via Digg)

Onion Rings

Your Brain On Drug Policy

 In 1987, Partnership for a Drug-Free America began airing a campaign known as This Is Your Brain On Drugs. The ads were unforgettable, but in case you need a refreshers, see this. In 1997, Rachael Leigh Cook starred in a version that addressed heroin specifically. Now she has returned to illustrate the far-reaching effects of the War on Drugs.
Our nation’s drug war is leading us to lock up more people than ever. Those charged with a non violent drug crime face fines and incarceration. More people are arrested for drugs than for rape, murder and robbery combined. And minorities are being railroaded into this system at much higher rates than their white counterparts even though drug use between both groups is about the same.
Oh, this one's not from the PDFA, but from Green Point Creative. (via Digg)

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Embers & Dust

Orson Welles broadcast his radio play "War of the Worlds," about an alien invasion, on October 30th, 1938. Some folks missed the disclaimer at the beginning that assured listeners that it was a work of fiction. Now, if they'd listened long enough, these folks would know that. But as luck would have it, a transformer blew in Concrete, Washington, during the broadcast. What would you do? This short film by Patrick Biesemans for Dust follows a curious young boy out on his own on that fateful night. (via Nag on the Lake)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Senior Discount

Earth is Our Home

Domino artist Hevesh5 used 8,000 dominoes for her tribute to Mother Earth for Earth Day. She built a 3D world out of dominoes, complete with continents and a "fragile ecosystem." Then with the magic of video, she put it back the way it was. If it were only so easy for us to do that with the real Earth. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Did you participate in the March for Science today? (via reddit)

Piano Player

10 Earth Day Celebrations Around the World

Are you going to the March for Science today? That's the big one, but there are plenty of Earth Day celebrations, events, and demonstrations going on around the world. Learn about a few of them in a list I wrote for mental_floss.

Happy Birthday, Princess!

She's come a long way since first grade, but she's still got that smile. Where did all those years go? Princess turns twenty years old today. She's grown up to be a resilient, thoughtful, and self-sufficient young lady. I am so proud. She's coming home for the summer, and has a job lined up in Europe this fall. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Update: She got flowers from her boyfriend... first time she's ever had flowers delivered.

Explaining the Obesity Chart

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Saying Grace

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Pusic Missed His Dad

Pusic was taken in when he was a very sick abandoned kitten in a box. He pulled through, as you can see in this video, and grew up to love the Russian couple who took him in. He especially likes getting picked up by his mommy, as you can see here, and biting his daddy's ear, as you can see in this video. But last fall, Dad went away for twenty days, and that was hard on Pusic. When he finally came back, it was a joyful reunion for the cat. (via Laughing Squid)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Disclaimers Galore


I remember seeing this on TV. (via reddit)

What if English Were 100% Germanic?

We could communicate pretty well using only the Germanic influences of English without the Romance language words. This is rather interesting. (via reddit)