Saturday, June 24, 2017

Back of the Bottle

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My Shot (Vaccine Version)

Learn about the importance of vaccines with parody rap song performed by eighth graders! No wait, really, this is not what you'd expect from that first sentence. It is actually very well done. The new lyrics are set to the tune of "My Shot" from the Broadway musical Hamilton. The song was researched, written, sung, shot, filmed, and edited by students of the Nueva School in California. (via Digg)

Photo Session

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An Irish Man Demonstrates Weather

Deric Ó hArtagáin of TV3 was giving a weather report Friday morning on the show Ireland AM when some weather happened to him. His comrades back at the studio could not contain their laughter, although they might have felt a little guilty about it. You could say they were blown away, but not as much as Ó hArtagáin. Ó hArtagáin was a good sport about it. Let me type that name again: Ó hArtagáin. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Last Temptation of a Headline Writer

A Cow Catcher for People

When the automobile started taking over the streets, people were justifiably afraid of getting hit by one. In response, a device was tested in England in the 1930s that acted as a "cow catcher" for humans. Just a flick of the switch, and the Safety Scoop deployed and scooped up the pedestrian before he knows what hit him. Literally.

I'm sure you have the same thought I did upon seeing this. If the driver sees a person in the road in front of him, why wouldn't he just hit the brake instead of the device switch? That eventually occurred to motorists, too, because the device never did catch on. At Atlas Obscura, you can read more about the Safety Scoop and see a gif of another such device from 1927.


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The New Sport of Snowboarding

In 1985, snowboarding was still fairly new at ski slopes in the U.S. Slope operators hated it, and the people who did it. Watch a 1985 CBS news report on the phenomenon. We can assume that eventually, the slope operators saw which way the wind was blowing -or more accurately, where the money was coming from. And the snowboarders grew up a little. (via Digg)

Summer Vacation

We celebrated the beginning of summer when school was out, then again over Memorial Day weekend, and now that the solstice has passed, it is really REALLY summer! You've been out of school three or four weeks now, and what have you crossed off your bucket list? About three weeks of video games, that's what. You might get around to going to the beach next month, and maybe camping in August, and you might remember that novel come September. Also, the color of your room will be okay until next summer. This is the latest comic from Alex Culang and and Raynato Castro at Buttersafe.

Miss Cellania's Links

10 Services You Never Knew You Needed. Let the professionals help you out!

Barack Obama Blasts The ‘Fundamental Meanness’ Of The Senate GOP Healthcare Bill. Four GOP Senators Are Vowing To Oppose The Newly Revealed Healthcare Bill. 

How a Star Wars Superfan Scoured the Earth for Space Debris. Brandon Alinger started building his own lightsaber when he was 12, and now is the world's premiere collector of authentic Star Wars props.

95-Degree Days: How Extreme Heat Could Spread Across the World. The number of extremely hot days for your area could triple in the coming decades.

Encyclopedia Dad. A boy discovers the wisdom his father left him. You might need a hankie.

How a Soviet Circus Clown Tried to Prove That Dogs Can Be Psychic. Research on Vladimir Durov's telepathy indirectly led to The Men Who Stare at Goats.
Man told he can't wear shorts to office, abides by the dress code for women instead. Joey Barge's mini-dress led to a change in dress code during the heat wave. (via Boing Boing

John Oliver dared a coal exec to sue him, and now he's being sued. (via Boing Boing)

5 Reality Shows That Screwed Over Their Contestants.

How Accusing A Powerful Man of Rape Drove A College Student To Suicide


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How the Bronx Brought Breaking to the World

The history of breakdancing is more engrossing than you might think. (via The Kid Should See This)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Of Course They Didn't

Loki's Hiding Place

This Bengal cat is aptly named Loki, because he's both clever and mischievous. He likes to play hide and seek. This video captures Loki's favorite hiding place -in the dresser! Once he shuts the drawer, you'd never think to look for him there! Unless he purrs with satisfaction, of course. Loki's owner, josht1212, says they closed this room off to him after the video was made, because they're not sure if he can get out of the drawer on his own. I bet he could. (via Laughing Squid)


Mad Max Junior

Remember the guy that turned his kids' Little Tykes Cozy Coupes into Mad Max-style vehicles? It turns out he works in the film industry. Ian Pfaff took his daughter Junior and his infant son Benji out to the desert and let them loose. A few specials effects later, they've recreated the apocalyptic world of the car chase movie Mad Max: Fury Road. Just like the movie, this is short on dialogue and heavy on mayhem. Uh-oh! (via Digg)

When the Bus Stop Button is Broken

Some municipal buses just drive by a bus stop if there's no one waiting to get on. If you need to get off the bus there, you ring a bell or push a button to let the bugs driver know. This bus in Halifax, Nova Scotia, had a non-functioning button, so they installed temporary workaround.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, this technology has been in use longer, so they know they should install the chicken out of reach of children. Genius!

Trevor Noah Tells It Like It Is

Philando Castle was shot in his car after police pulled him over for a broken light, with his girlfriend and young daughter in the car. This week, the officer who shot him multiple times was acquitted of all charges. Trevor Noah addressed this better than anyone else I've heard, on The Daily Show. He added his personal experience in a "between the scenes" unaired segment.

Read more about the case at Uproxx.

Miss Cellania's Links

The Love Life of W.C. Fields. It was complicated, to say the least.

The Dog Photographer Of The Year Contest Announced Its Winners, And They're Amazing. The squee is strong with these doggos.

Would Canadians give up their single-payer healthcare system for the US style of healthcare? No, and they then explain why.

I'm Terrible, Thanks For Asking.

Angry Neighbors and the Notes They Write. (via Boing Boing)

A surgeon’s secret: As she operated on babies’ birth defects, a doctor hid her own diagnosis. Dr. Mary Austin is performing cutting-edge miracles for infants not yet born. (via Metafilter)

Yoga Makes People Super Emotional. But Why? To those who do not participate, it looks like the pain causes tears.

How Cults Brainwash their Members. And the ways to break out of such a system. (via Digg)

Everything you ever wanted to know about America’s northernmost town. Find out why Barrow, Alaska, even exists.

The Making of the American Diner. They were once known as a "vulgar boys' club."


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Young Orangutan Escapes from his Mother

A juvenile orangutan at the Jersey Zoo was caught trying to establish his independence from his mother. She was not having any of it. The scene played out like a sitcom, and got an appropriate soundtrack. The dialogue is not difficult to imagine.

Mom: Come along, Junior, let's go.
Kid: Aw, Mom! I wanna play some more!
Mom: But it's time for lunch.
Kid: But I have having fun!
Mom: Don't you want some nice greens so you'll grow big and strong?
Kid: Haha, you can't catch me!
Mom: why you little… come back here!
Kid: Haha!
Mom: I swear, you are just like your father!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Billie Jean (Wild West Cover)

Samuraiguitarist gives us Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" as a spaghetti western theme. (via Boing Boing)


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What fun! (via reddit)

Fancy Pants

I Mean Business

Miss Cellania's Links

Sneezing Advice for Doctors.

The United States Postal Service released a new stamp that uses thermochromic ink to give us two different images on one stamp. The eclipse stamp is a commemoration of the total solar eclipse that will cross the U.S. on August 21. (via Metafilter)

Marais Poitevin: France’s Green Venice.

Donald Trump Reports He’s Getting Rich as President.

Inside the Tolstoy Family Reunion. Almost 300 of Leo Tolstoy's descendants live all over the world.
Star Wars: 10 Unsung Heroes Behind A New Hope. You might be surprised at those who worked behind the scenes to bring the saga to life.

Why Diverse Ken Dolls Now Come in Different Body Types, Skin Colors.

Reinventing the Toilet. New technology could be the future of sanitation in Third World nations.

23 Things Emergency Room Workers Want You To Know. They will save your life, so straighten up.

I was bullied as a kid. It almost ruined my adult life.

Insomnia SWAT Team

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Unfortunate Juxtaposition

An Honest Trailer for Power Rangers

Did anyone go see the movie Power Rangers when it was released back in the spring? I guess so, since the movie performed a little better than expected, but it was never expected to be a blockbuster. Critical response was meh. Screen Junkies knows what the problem was: the movie was too serious about the adventures of five teenage superheroes in matching costumes. The producers didn't seem to realize that the franchise's silliness was a big part of its draw. Too bad. Instead of a action-comedy, they ended up with a teen drama crossed with a doughnut ad. Enjoy some hard-hitting criticism of Power Rangers in the latest Honest Trailer. (Thanks, Jill!)

Leaving His Mark

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It's okay for girls. (via Mostly Forbidden Zone)

1865 Ad for a Wife

We don't know the provenance of this delightful newspaper ad posted at reddit. We can assume that it was published around 1865, as the young man was a fan of Andy Johnson, or president Andrew Johnson, who served from 1865 (upon the death of Lincoln), was impeached in 1868, and remained in office until 1869. For an 18-year-old, the writer seems to have his life together, but was probably working too hard so far to meet many young woman. When he says he wants to buy waterfalls, he is most likely referring to a waterfall bustle, as was the style at the time. I would bet that he got responses to this ad. The last line makes him seem cute as well as successful.

Baby Enjoys a Rocking Horse

This horse knows what babies like! Just a slight push on the baby seat handle rocks the child and produces smiles and squeals of delight from 8-month-old Ruby. Her mother, Stacey Storer from Nottingham, England, said Ruby was tired and upset before Red started rocking her. That's a good horse. (via Tastefully Offensive)  

Miss Cellania's Links

The Garden of Ghastly Delights. The Théâtre du Grand Guignol gave audiences the blood and gore they wanted.

John Oliver sees a coal company’s cease-and-desist letter and raises them these nuts. Video contains NSFW language.

This Bizarre 1911 Film Warns of the Perils of Self-Driving Cars.

The 50 Best Drive-In Restaurants in the U.S..  

A Treasury Official in 1866 Put His Own Face on U.S. Currency. When paper money was temporarily issued to replace coin amounts, Spencer M. Clark saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Margaret Brown led a remarkable life even apart from surviving the Titanic. She was "unsinkable" in all her pursuits.

Tesla electric cars are usually quiet, but this guy's Model X was meowing when he went out Saturday morning! Tesla technicians went above and beyond to remove a kitten stuck inside the bumper.

12 fascinating facts about feminist icon Nancy Drew. She broke carriers, despite creator Edward Stratemeyer's belief in traditional gender roles.

The Stories Behind Ding Dong and Other Small Town Names. Like Two Egg, Florida; Possum Grape, Arkansas; George, Washington; and more.

Ancient DNA shows that Cats Domesticated Themselves. They lived among humans for thousands of years before they decided to be pets.

Writing a Novel

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Quick Rescue of a Baby Elephant

A security camera at a South Korean zoo caught a scary incident when a baby elephant fell into the deep end of the pool. Its mother went right into panic mode as another elephant runs up to help. Both adult elephants rush around to the ramp, and walk the baby back to the shallow end. All's well that ends well. This goes to show that elephants are great parents, and not only to their own offspring. It takes teamwork to raise kids! (via Tastefully Offensive)

Monday, June 19, 2017

Black Bird


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The Fountain of Youth

The moral of the story is: When you are handed a miracle, don't get greedy and ask for too much. This guy just Benjamin Buttoned himself out of existence. Besides, who would ever expect the fountain youth to be disguised as a regular town square water feature? This comic is from Chris Allison at Toonhole.  (via Geeks Are Sexy)


Brett Foxwell is an animator who uses stop-motion, time-lapse, motion graphics and other techniques, and he's always looking for a new method to experiment with. WoodSwimmer was made by photographing cut trees as layers were milled away from the wood. The effect is that of traveling through the wood itself.
“Fascinated with the shapes and textures found in both newly-cut and long-dead pieces of wood, I envisioned a world composed entirely of these forms,” Foxwell told Colossal. “As I began to engage with the material, I conceived a method using a milling machine and an animation camera setup to scan through a wood sample photographically and capture its entire structure. Although a difficult and tedious technique to refine, it yielded gorgeous imagery at once abstract and very real. Between the twisting growth rings, swirling rays, knot holes, termites and rot, I found there is a lot going on inside of wood.”
WoodSwimmer is less than two minutes long, and you will be mesmerized the entire time. It's hard to look away from the ever-shifting wood images. The music is by Bedtimes. Read more about the video at Foxwell's website.

Killer Home Decor

I have an ongoing project to make posts for mental_floss articles I wrote way back when that I do not have an archive for. Here's one from back in 2007. 

Have you ever had visions of living like The Addams Family? Or maybe you just want to make your family and friends wonder about you. No matter how normal your home decor is, it's fun to have something around to make people gasp, and then (maybe) laugh. But if you put all the products I found together, you'd have a truly scary home. Check them out in a list I wrote for Mental Floss.

Miss Cellania's Links

10 Nutty Proposals to Save the Planet.

A yearlong investigation by the USA TODAY Network found that port trucking companies in southern California have spent the past decade forcing drivers to finance their own trucks by taking on debt they could not afford. Companies then used that debt as leverage to extract forced labor and trap drivers in jobs that left them destitute. (via Metafilter)

Some Incredible Things Your Pets Have Eaten. And let us know the most unusual thing your dog has eaten.

Twenty-five years ago, U.S. tech companies pledged to stop using chemicals that caused miscarriages and birth defects. They failed to ensure that their Asian suppliers did the same.

Read a Book, Gamble With Your Life. Literacy is power, and many times in history, that power was controlled rigidly.

Why Your Baby Doesn't Sleep Through The Night. Babies wake up during the night because they are hungry/wet/lonely, and because it's natural for them.

The Persistence of Prog Rock. Critics called it pretentious, you couldn't dance to it, but we loved the music anyway. (via Metafilter

The Fiberglass Statue Graveyard of Sparta. Where bygone advertising mascots, both familiar and unfamiliar, are retired.

And now, the Bikini Bobbers of the Summer of 1961. It looks like fun -and a liability nightmare.

How American real estate went bananas. A place to live is too expensive for the majority of Americans, and the few are snapping them up.

Not Falling for It

Oiqlele's mother tried to pull a prank on their cat. She assumed the cat can't read, but the joke was on her. That's one smart kitten! Of course, it would have helped if the hole were a bit bigger, because judging from the size of the paw, the cat is a little large for it. She still got a viral photo out of it.

Puppies Learning to Use Stairs

It's not easy using stairs when you've never done it before. It's even harder when the riser is taller than your legs are long! Puppies are little apprehensive about trying it for the first time, even when they've seen other dogs do it. Their failures, their persistence, and their eventual success are just too darn cute in this compilations from Mr. FunnyMals. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fun with Father

Fathers Day Dinner

Kittens and Rabbits

I didn't know which ones were kittens and which were rabbits until they turned toward the camera. (via Everlasting Blort

Fathers Day

Tweet of the Day

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Me and My Dad

Beware the Thundering Horde

This guy takes a few steps off the front porch and makes a hasty yet strategic decision to retreat. What did he see? Oh, it's just a herd of a half-dozen skunk, out for their morning run. They probably have the entire neighborhood to themselves when they do that. You'd flee, too- imagine getting in their way and all six of them giving you a shot of their defense mechanisms! (via reddit)

Father Cat

Happy Fathers Day! (via Fark)

I Am Your Father's Day

Italian animator Antonio Toscano prepared a LEGO Father's Day salute to the most popular dad in pop culture: Darth Vader! Watch Vader spend some quality time with his son.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Gifts for Dad

Do Not

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Is Your Cat Talking To You?

Simon Tofield presents a new episode of Simon's Cat Logic, in which we look at how cats communicate with body language. Body language is what the Simon's Cat cartoons are all about. Cat expert Nicky Trevorrow explains what certain cat postures mean. A cat meows to get your attention, then they move around to let you know what they want. For my cats, that means running to either their food dish or the door. They communicate quite clearly. I have one cat that will come and tell me when the others want in. At the end of this video, we get a chance to see the very first Simon's Cat video that went explosively viral in 2007.

Balloon Robot

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Basket of Kittens

Enjoy a few minutes of kittens mewing while their moms take a break. There are seven kittens in this bin. Three of them are five weeks old, and the other four are four weeks old. The two litters are cousins, as their mothers are sisters. A couple of the kittens are already escape artists. You have to wonder if they sort themselves out when they return to their mothers, or if the moms sort them out, or if they just nurse them as they come. (via Metafilter)

First World Cat Problem

(via Bored Panda)

Seeing the Invisible

What if you could see the way the wind blows? Or even the small changes in air movement or temperature in the room you're in? Derek Muller of Veritasium explains the process called Schlieren photography, which shows us those things that we can't normally see. It boils down to concentrating an image of those invisible movements into a form that becomes visible to the eye. No, I don't totally understand it, but it certainly is cool to watch! (via Laughing Squid)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Fathers Day Special

They Finally Made a Handmaid's Tale for Men

If you've been following the Hulu show A Handmaid's Tale, or read the book, you'll instantly recognize this parody. Or even you haven't, like me. This video from Funny or Die tells the story from the viewpoint of MRAs (Men's Right's Activists). If you surf the net anywhere near as much as I do, you'll recognize every reference and in-joke. If not, it's probably still funny. (via Metafilter)  


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Evicting a Raccoon

Carsen Parker had a raccoon inside his yard, which is surrounded by a sturdy, relatively high iron fence. He went out to remove the critter, thinking it would be a simple task of chasing it to the gate, but the raccoon had other ideas. He did not want to leave. "The days I've spent here have been the best of my raccoon life. I find this yard to be quite pleasant, and I'm considering settling here on a permanent basis. Your attitude about this matter concerns me, but overall, I enjoy your company. Why don't you want me to live here?" (via Tastefully Offensive) 

Friday Night

Miss Cellania's Links

The Woman Who Fought in the Revolutionary War. Deborah Sampson had to become Robert Shirtleff in order to serve in the Continental Army.

A Mexican Town Is Giving Americans Something Donald Trump Can’t: Affordable Dental Care.(via Metafilter)

How a Philly Ob-Gyn Ended Up Delivering a Baby Gorilla. Zoo vets thought Kira might need a cesarean section, but Dr. Rebekah McCurdy got the situation under control.

Being Too Clean Can Be Almost as Bad as Being Too Dirty. The balance of nature prefers a sweet spot somewhere in the middle.

The 19th-Century Book of Horrors That Scared German Kids Into Behaving. See illustrations from the rare 1845 first edition of Struwwelpeter.

Team Trump: Oval Office Tapes? Talk to My Lawyer. Or, how to look more guilty by the day.

A Pair of Rare Apple Sneakers are up for Auction. By the time the bidding ends on Sunday, the price is estimated to go to around $30,000. (Thanks, John Farrier!)

"Every summer, men head into the Siberian wilderness to hunt for mammoth tusks, I joined one expedition & watched tuskers get rich, get drunk & nearly die." Photographer Amos Chappie brings the adventure to us. (via reddit)

Sit'on back now kids and let me tell you the legend of Eric C. Conn.

Some Versions of "The Tortoise and the Hare" Messed With the Moral.

TV Time

(via Fark)

Crossing the English Channel in a Flying Car

Entrepreneur Jerome Dauffy wanted to build a flying machine that could travel around the world in80 days. He might not be there yet, but he designed a flying car he calls Pegasus that resembles a dune buggy crossed with a paraglider. On Wednesday, Bruno Vezzoli took off from Calais, France, and flew it to Dover, England, across the English Channel. The 36-mile flight came off without a hitch! Read more about the flight here. (via Nag on the Lake)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Precious Memories

School's Out

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Tweet of the Day

This guy may need a new job soon. He should work at the Comedy Barn. (via Buzzfeed)


(via The Chive)

House Cat Tries to Intimidate Lion

This video starts out as if it's a failed cute cat video. But Baggy the calico cat got distracted by a lion! Baggy, suffering from "little cat syndrome," thinks she's up to challenging the big cat. It might work against other housecoats, but the lion is not the least bit intimidated. She may even be amused at Baggy's antics. The narration is provided by Derek Krahn of the Center for Animal Research and Education in Bridgeport, Texas. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Miss Cellania's Links

How the Three Stooges Inspired a Fan's Gravestone

NASA’s super accurate map of the 2017 eclipse. A guide for where to see the total solar eclipse that will cross the U.S. on August 21.

The New Taipei Police Department Announced Its Latest Recruits And They Are So Cute It Actually Hurts. Six Labrador puppies are already beginning their scent detection training at one month of age.

How to delete a Facebook page you no longer want. There are quite a few steps so that you never do it accidentally.

The ferocious predatory dinosaurs of Cretaceous Sahara. The River of Giants was home to terrifying reptiles like the Spinosaurus.  

When Fresh Air Went Out of Fashion at Hospitals. Medicine and technology combined to make windowless patient rooms possible, but there was some resistance to the change.

During the days of French colonialism, the Vietnamese took coffee and made it their own. Now everyone in Saigon drinks coffee, which is made one cup at a time, with a generous amount of ground coffee, and not in a hurry.

Here's How Much Businesses Pay To Get On Those Big Blue Exit Signs. Even if they have the cash, there are state requirements for eligibility.
How a Brilliant Intelligence Officer Used 'Monopoly' to Free WWII POWs. Games were allowed in to distract prisoners from escape plans, so why not combine the two?