Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

E. Coli Research Review. Those little boogers get into everything.

Here is the final popular vote count of the 2016 election just in case you want to feel bad.  

Swiss Deaf Association Chooses "Donald Trump" as Sign of the Year. Take a look. 

The Twelve Days of Christmas – NASA Earth Science Edition. (via Everlasting Blort)

The Strange History of the Die Hard Movies. No one knew there would eventually be five films, and each one has a production story.

A single father sought tips from a cosmetology school on how to style his daughter's hair. A couple of years later, he is a hair artist, and his daughter has many Christmas styles to show off.

Dramatizing Transience: How TV Reflects Our Shifting Concept of “Home.” We are no longer tethered to a place, or a time slot, or a network.

What Happened to Dorothy's Ruby Slippers? There were several pairs made for The Wizard of Oz, and the pair at the Smithsonian are mismatched.

There's a huge problem with how we judge rape cases. The concept of "reasonable doubt" leads to acquittals, repeat offenders, and reduced trust in victims.

Contrary, Lazy, or Subversive (but Funny) Christmas Decorations. When you have some lights, but refuse to be merry.

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