Thursday, December 15, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

The winners of the Nikon Small World in Motion 2016 competition have been announced. See the top videos that give us a look at the microscopic world around us.

Dorothea Lange's Censored Photos From Inside U.S. Japanese Internment Camps. They were too personal and poignant to use for propaganda. (via Neatorama)

Inside The Forgotten Scandals Of Early Hollywood, Part One and Part Two. A short course in the way things used to be.

What Star Wars learned from its prequel problem. Let's hope those lessons will make Rogue One a good story.

Can you tell which one of these gingerbread houses is made of medication? Pills and candy decorations are nearly indistinguishable.

Why Obamacare enrollees voted for Trump. I live in this area; the real reason is because most voters just automatically vote republican, no matter who the candidate is or what he says. 

The Creative and Forgotten Fire Escape Designs of the 1800s.

Video: How the Navy Band made Frank Zappa's day. (via Metafilter)

How the Soviets Revolutionized Wristwatches. Read this and you, too, will want to start collecting them.

What if we could describe 2016 to people from the ’90s? They wouldn't believe a bit of it. 

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