Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Digital Incarceration: The Finger Pillory.

The 17 Best Christmas Horror Movies. For those times you need to put a little Krampus in your Christmas cheer.

How Mozart in the Jungle Brought an Obscure, Avant-Garde Piece of Classical Music to Rikers Island. The Amazon show's production was the first symphony concert in the jail's history.

Why Are Cats So Obsessed With Laser Pointers? They don't see it the same way we do.

In Rogue One, there is no dark or light side. The story is told in varying shades of gray, unlike any of the earlier Star Wars films.

What Real Polynesians Want You To Know About Moana.  

Evil Supervillain Lair or Fire Station?

How Women Modernized The Disney Princess. From Ariel to Moana, Disney improved by learning from the mistakes of each film.

Why Angry White America Fell for Putin. (via Digg)

The Eagle Huntress: the teenage Mongolian nomad who's preparing to swoop on the Oscars.

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