Wednesday, November 09, 2016

OSU Superheroes Halftime Show

The Ohio State University Marching Band (TBDBITL) staged a tribute to comic book superheroes, both Marvel and DC, during the Nebraska game over the weekend. Watch Thor bring the hammer down on the Michigan Wolverines! See Iron Man fly through the air! Can Batman defeat the Joker?

While the very idea of a marching band is hokey to a lot of people, you have to be impressed by the skills shown here. It's an animated cartoon, in which the pixels are people who cannot see the overall picture, yet each must coordinate their pixel independently, while at the same time playing music from superhero movies. (via Pleated-Jeans)  


Bill Scheitzach said...

You never were in band, were you, Miss C?

Seriously, though, in a world where playing cards is a spectator sport, cheerleading is a competitive athletic competition and dancing around with ribbons on sticks, hula hoops, and big inflatable balls is an Olympic medal event, the ability to do something like this in a 10-minute time slot and the amount of time necessary to be able to pull off these patterns in the first place — let alone to be playing an instrument in sync with almost 200 other people at the same time — is also an accomplishment worthy of note.  It should not be dismissed as "hokey".


Miss Cellania said...

Yes, Bill, I was in marching band. I played the baritone horn (clarinet in orchestra). I was told it was hokey then, and every time I post a marching band video, people still tell me they are hokey. I enjoy them, myself.