Thursday, October 06, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Burn After Reading. An overview of offensive reading material at the edge of the First Amendment.

Elvira on her date with Elvis and the fish recipe she got from Vincent Price. The Mistress of the Dark has decades of memories -except for the ‘70s.

Donald Trump’s favorite scapegoats are paying more federal taxes than he is.

A company costume party was set at a historic Alabama plantation, all were told to dress for the period. BisFitty dressed accurately and got the party canceled. 

5 of the best demons to summon. While “best” is a matter of opinion, these demons are pretty well known in their circles.

The Most Contentious Presidential Election in American History. The 1876 election was full of shenanigans and “irregular factors” in vote counting.

Why 'tough love' for the unemployed may do more harm than good. Cutting off benefits is not getting people back to work any sooner.

3D printing ‘hyperelastic bone’ to mend injuries. The new composite material can act as scaffolding for bone tissue to grown into.

Etti-Cat, NYC’s Feline Subway Etiquette Advisor. In 1962, a tuxedo cat launched a career telling New York City subway passengers how to use the trains, treat other passengers, and follow the rules. (via Michael Leavitt)

The Literal Hell of McMansions. The suburban eyesores have a lot in common with the disturbing haunted houses of literature.

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