Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Leopard Rescued From Well

A leopard fell into a 60-foot well in the village of Pimpalgaon Sinddhanath, near Pune in India. The well had substantial water in it, and the leopard had been treading for no one knows how long. If the animal were a dog or a goat, someone could go down and get it, but a leopard, even an exhausted one, is too dangerous. The organization Wildlife SOS responded, led by veterinarian Dr. Ajay. First, they threw in a raft made from sticks tied together so the leopard could float while they decided what to do next.

And how do you trap a cat at a distance? Use a box! Even big cats can’t resist a box, so they lowered a box with a trap door, and the leopard took the bait. After ascertaining the leopard was in decent health, it was released into the wild. (via Arbroath)

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