Sunday, August 07, 2016


A documentary on synchronized swimming in a retirement community by Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari is way more interesting than you’d think. From IMDb:
The Aquadettes are a group of elderly synchronized swimmers from Leisure World, a retirement community nestled in Orange County, California, who regular practice routines and new water stunts to maintain their health and strength. A former nurse, Margo Bauer (75) found herself fighting off waves of nausea brought on by multiple sclerosis. Rather than resign herself to the symptoms of MS, she vowed to take control of her life. For the past year, she's been using medical marijuana to ease her pain and to keep on swimming. Set to an amazing burlesque soundtrack, Aquadettes shows how 'California girls' hold on the their vibrancy. It is an intimate and beautiful portrait about maintaining quality of life.
Contains a little NSFW language. -via Digg

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