Friday, July 08, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

16 Things You May Not Know About Ringo Starr. Eddie Deezen has a salute for the Beatle’s birthday.

In 1913, Joseph Knowles boasted that he could survive in the wilderness alone with no tools or weapons -or clothes. Which he did, for 60 days, making him a national celebrity.  

Why Has It Taken the Menstrual Cup So Long to Go Mainstream? Bonus: the funniest review of a Diva Cup ever. (via Metafilter)

Total Annihilation: The History of Nuclear War Movies. They range from silly, escapist fare to terrifyingly realistic.

10 Myths About Gaming Cheats. Save yourself some trouble and quit looking for that part you can’t find.

Alex Gibney’s Stuxnet Documentary Zero Days is the Summer’s Scariest Film. It drives home how a computer virus can ruin …everything.

30 Popular Restaurant Discounts Everyone Should Know About. Know when to go for the best deals.

The Dawn spacecraft’s innovation could change space travel forever. Ion propulsion sounds like something from Star Trek, but it really works.

8 Very Hairy People. Hypertrichosis is so rare that sufferers easily become celebrities.

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