Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Animal Smelliness: Swine and Stinky Chicks. More research about odors and how they affect us.

While Americans are running around, frantically seeking Pokémon in the augmented reality game Pokémon GO, Canadians are doing the best they can, by drawing Canadian Pokémon on images of places with their phone screens, snapping pictures of plush Canadian Pokémon in the wild, and throwing Pokeballs at their pets.

How I Learned More Working in a Restaurant Than I Did in College. Didn’t we all?

Tea Party movie production shut down when SCAD students join a union. More details here

Here’s The Most Popular Ice Cream Shop In Every State.

Texas' Gun Culture and Politics Made Dallas Shooting Inevitable.

 Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jennifer Lopez Perform Their New Single “Love Make the World Go Round.” Proceeds from the song will help victims of the Orlando shooting.

This Comic About A Chicken Might Make You Cry. It doesn’t pay to get too close to your poultry.

Forbidden Zone Is The Most Colorful Black And White Movie Ever Made. The bizarre but well-liked 1980 movie was essentially a longform music video.

Mugged: Inside the shady industry that profits on mugshot photos. Whether you’re guilty or innocent, you’ll have to pay to get the record off the internet.

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