Thursday, June 02, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Dogs and/or Calculus. A series of articles in a serious science journal tackled the issue of dogs using math.

Chefs have been telling us for years that you shouldn’t smash your burger patties in the frying pan because you’ll squeeze all the juices out. But when you do it right, the results are delicious.

10 Strange Rules Implemented By John Calvin That Prove That He Hated Fun. He reformer wrote them into his Geneva Ordinances of 1547.

Geek culture isn't 'broken,' but it does have a harassment problem. Just like the rest of the internet.

Watch this robot dance his way through Los Angeles. The video fro  Kaytranada’s song “Lite Spots” features a learning robot that really gets down.

Watch a lightning storm recorded at 7,000 frames per second. It’s powerful and creepy.   

Here's the real reason you get a runner’s high after a long run. It could be a combination of factors.

Awkwafina and Margaret Cho just dropped the ultimate rap anthem for Asian women. It’s NSFW, but impressive. 

11 Memories of Not-So-Modern Medicine. Not so old, either, so you might remember these things.

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Barbwire said...

They left out merthiolate. It was in the medicine cabinet with iodine and mercurachrome.