Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Smelly Loved Ones: Close Relatives, Twins, and Sweethearts.

The True Story of Medical Books Bound in Human Skin. (via Digg)

How Utah is solving the homelessness problem. Years into the program, it’s succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

The Ad Campaign that Convinced Americans to Pay for Water.

An ode to Sansa Stark, the most realistic strong female character on Game of Thrones. She’s a princess alright, but not the Disney kind.

From Captain America to The X-Files, How Raiders of the Lost Ark Continues to Influence Pop Culture. It’s hard to ignore perfection.

28 Extremely nerdy jokes. Oh, you’ll get them, but they’re still nerdy.

Giant nightmare planet could be host to equally giant nightmare life. Exoplanet Kepler-1647 b orbits two stars at a habitable distance.

How insane work hours became a mark of American privilege. Only salaried white collar employees put in that much overtime.

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