Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Running of the Goats

The Covington Farmers Market in Covington, Kentucky, marked its season opening Saturday by staging The Running of the Goats. The name was meant to evoke images of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, but organizers assured people on its Facebook event page that the goats would not be running rampant. They would be marching to the market, escorted by handlers.
Are the goats RUNNING through the streets (Bulls of Pamplona style??)
Nope! The goats will walk/trot an organized route through Covington guided by our goat team volunteers and the City of Covington Police Department. You and yours are asked to walk along on the sidewalks. Several local shops will have fun interactions (music, photos) to keep the walk interesting along the way.
No one explained that to the goats. During the parade, six of the seven goats decided to break out of the pack and run through the town. A mad dash ensued as volunteers and police tried to catch the goats. They eventually rounded them all up by Sunday, after the last two goats spent Saturday night on the run. Organizers say that the incident brought so many people to the park that they plan on doing it again next year, with improved procedures. (via Arbroath)

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