Thursday, May 05, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

A Tale of Two Famous Kitties ...and The Librarian Who Loved Them. Baker and Taylor helped kids learn to read.

The Combat Ration Collectors Who Eat Decades-Old Military Meals. (via Metafilter)

C.A. Pinkham shares stories from restaurant servers about their worst customers ever. (via Digg)

12 Flexible Facts About the Game Twister. 

Google, Amazon and Facebook’s Secrets to Hiring the Best People. The interview process is series of tests designed to identify those who can survive the ordeal. 

Zombies and Inverse Zombies. What the science says. 

Writing in 1924, Teffi, a Russian writer in exile known for her wit, recalls a series of humorous (but increasingly ominous) encounters with Rasputin.

How to be Cool at the Arcade (According to a Video Game Magazine From 1982).


Bruce M said...

Ain't it great to work from home? ;-)

Miss Cellania said...

Yes! I don't have to bath, get dressed, or commute. The downside is that, since my schedule is somewhat flexible, everyone think I have unlimited free time.

Bruce M said...

Hahaha. I always love the....."Since you're home and not doing anything, would you mind....."