Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Where in Your Head? An overview of some brain-mapping research.

The Geographical Oddity of Null Island.

Myles McNutt and Daniel Hubbard are bothered by the way actors use coffee cups on TV, cups that are supposedly filled with hot liquid, but obviously aren’t. They’ve also created the Empty Cup Awards. (via Metafilter

Should Prostitution Be a Crime? The fact that it is keeps sex workers from all kinds of rights and  protections. 

NASA Has Announced 1,284 New Planets. Nine of them could be habitable, if they weren’t so far away.

Game of Thrones Endgame: What’s Next for Jon Snow? Here are several scenarios, all awesome.

How CRISPR Gene Editing Works. It could eliminate genetic diseases and give us custom-designed children.

30 Photos of Famous Authors in Epic Hats. Because nothing improves a portrait like a silly hat.

Rising Sea Levels Swallow 5 Pacific Islands. There are now fewer of the Solomon Islands.

This Hashtag Confronts the Side of Abuse We Don't Talk About Enough. One can be abusive without battering.

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