Monday, April 04, 2016

The Procession of the Cats

Optina Monastery is an Eastern Orthodox refuge in Kozelsk, Russia. The monks who live there follow the rituals of their ancestors, including a daily procession of blessings. Father Sergey Kuzmich walks the grounds, giving blessings to the monks. And the cats. The monastery has become home to ten stray cats who found shelter there in return for their pest control services. The cats follow Kuzmich as he does his daily procession. 

Kuzmich doesn’t call the cats, but he manages to give them a blessing along the way. The walk just become a habit for them. The monastery found it charming, and made a video to show “something simple and kind.” (via Buzzfeed)

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James Porter said...

Awesome tradition, its lovely thing that cats followed him through out the procession.