Friday, April 08, 2016

The Old New World

Alexey Zakharov took photographs from Shorpy that showed us scenes from New York, Washington, Detroit, Boston, and Baltimore in the early 20th century, and brought them to life! The angles change, the people move, and little details like exhaust fumes are added for a dose of reality. Even the credits are beautiful. Imagine if you tried to explain to the people in these pictures back then what would happen to the images 100 years later. It would blow their minds. Likewise, we have no idea what will be possible to do in the future with the things we leave behind. You can see stills and process pictures at Bechance. (via Sploid)

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Harold said...

Wow! I am a big fan of Shorpy and recognize all of the source photos. The creativity and imagination is to be admired and the technical ingenuity is to be respected. I wonder what Dave and tterrace thought when they saw the final product. Thanks, Miss C!