Monday, March 07, 2016

Two Grannies, One Lamborghini

Would you let your grandma drive a Lamborghini? You’d better, if I am your grandma! For laughs, Donut Media arranged a loaner of a Lamborghini Murciélago to Peggy Glenn and Audrey Linden. What did they do? They went to the grocery store, of course. They can’t stop giggling, which is what I would do. But then they find out that a Lambo has one big drawback -they can’t pick up guys when they don’t even have enough room inside for the groceries! (via Neatorama)


Patty O'Heater said...

Love it! Reminds me of when I was a supermarket manager and an elderly lady needed help with getting her shopping to her car. I carried it out for her as we were busy and all the checkout staff were doing something. I asked where her car was and she told me it was towards the end of the row we were walking down. I saw a fairly old hatchback and assumed that was hers. It wasn't. Hidden behind it was a Porsche 911 turbo - that was hers! She told me that she had to get rid of it as her son said it was too powerful for her. I saw her again a couple of months later and carried her shopping out again. I asked about the Porsche and she said she had just changed it - for an Aston Martin. I asked what her son thought of that and she said she hadn't told him yet but it was her car not his and she liked it better than the Porsche anyway!

Miss Cellania said...

Ha! Good for her!

Acronym Jim said...