Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Borderline Nations Between the US and Canada. Drawing national borders is not quick or easy, which can lead to weird anomalies.

This Could Be the World's Largest Passport. Eric Oborski has one passport with 331 pages, and altogether, he’s used over 1,400 passport pages.

Planet of The Titans: The Star Trek Movie You Never Saw. A lot of ideas were offered before the story of Star Trek: The Motion Picture was written.

The Re-Used Props of Star Trek. (via Metafilter)

The story of Frank the snapping turtle. The story is very sweary, but oh-so-funny. (via reddit

15 Loverly Facts About My Fair Lady. Included is a video about a Sydney 60th anniversary revival directed by Julie Andrews, who sure doesn’t look 79 years old.

Not With a Bang: What If the Apocalypse Already Happened, and No One Noticed? We have a variety of scenarios from fiction, which may all be wrong.

Disney announced that Indiana Jones 5 is coming out in 2019. The reactions from the internet were hilarious.

Colonels of Truth. The story of Harland Sanders is much more interesting than the story of KFC.

The true origin stories of 11 memorable presidential words. Certain terms and catch phrases will always be associated with the men who said them in public.

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