Monday, March 14, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

The Amazing Pedestrian Race. In 1875, competitive walkers were the celebrities to cheer for.

The True Story of How I Went Viral. Twice.

15 Fast-Talking Facts About Moonlighting.  

Every year, female veterans strap on ball gowns and combat boots to compete in Ms. Veteran America — a pageant for women who’ve served.

​Who Is the Republican Monster? (Trump. It's Trump.)

This Underwater Hotel Wants To Lead The Way In Restoring Reefs. The movable inn will seed new reefs in every location it docks.

Creature Features: The Top 10 Stephen King Movies. This is out of 61 movies based on his writing.

The Baddest Bitches of the Jazz Age. Meet some of the groundbreaking entertainment figures of the pre-code 1920s.

Who owns Chinatown? Boston’s ethnic enclave is under threat of gentrification.

How one of my closest friends taught me how to die. The gifts you leave behind are a kind of immortality.


Bruce M said...

Ooo la la. Sexy there Miss C.

Miss Cellania said...

Thanks! Context is everything.