Thursday, February 04, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Elvis Presley's Best Film. Eddie Deezen has the story of Loving You.

Why is Deadpool so ugly? Catch up on the character’s background before the movie opens next week.

Airplane Food In Economy Vs. First Class On 20 Airlines. Economy class gets bigger portions; you just have to remove the plastic wrap yourself.

These Crazy Cute Baby Turtles Want Their Lake Back. The Presidio’s polluted Mountain Lake has been cleaned and refilled to welcome them home.

Thirteen of the Most Memorable Movie Psychopaths. Just reading about them will remind you of how you felt when you first met them.

14 Big Facts About Dallas.

What Spot on Earth Gets the Most Sunlight? (via the Presurfer)

AA Milne and the Curse of Pooh Bear. (via Digg)

The Weird Thing About Cat Legs.

12 Football-Shaped Foods for Your Super Bowl Party. Because you need something else besides chicken wings and chips.


Ken D said... (the baby turtle site) is WONDERFUL! There looks to be more neat stuff there than any place I have seen. It's a veritable gold mine for re-posting.

Miss Cellania said...

Oh yeah, it's a great site!