Friday, January 15, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

The Three Stooges Short Honored by the Library of Congress. Eddie Deezen has the story of Punch Drunks.

Flyting Was Medieval England's Version of an Insult-Trading Rap Battle. It was both competition and entertainment, as it is today.

26 Tumblr Posts About Star Wars Guaranteed To Make You Laugh.

Why Kylo Ren Is Wildly Misunderstood And May Be the Best Star Wars Villain Yet

A Rare Glimpse of NASA’s Otherworldly Treasures. There are rocks brought back from the moon by Apollo astronauts, meteorites from Mars, particles from the tail of a comet, and a precious but tiny amount of solar wind particles. (via Metafilter)

The Influence of Forbidden Planet on Star Trek and Star Wars. The 1956 science fiction classic left its mark on everything that came after.

A Sweet Photo Captures The Bond Between A Bride And Her Service Pup. Bella wore a lovely pink tutu to the wedding.

29 Ways To Hack Your College Dining Hall. I’m starting to understand why meal tickets cost so much.

Life Resembles Tetris More Than Chess. Chess is based on logic, and life doesn't work that way. (via reddit)

The secret history of cowboy socialism. Government intervention paved the way for the rugged individualists of the Old West.

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