Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cleaning a House with Chemicals

This scene is from a Norwegian TV show called Ikke gjør dette hjemme (Never Ever Do This at Home). It seems to be an apt title. The premise of this excerpt is that they are cleaning a stairway in the house with chemicals. Specifically, hydrogen peroxide, potassium iodide, and soap. You might know this as the recipe for Elephant Toothpaste. The Norwegian term for elephant toothpaste is foam troll. In that “experiment,” you use small amounts of the ingredients, whereas the guys in the show use barrels. And gasoline. A YouTube commenter quipped that the whole idea was to get the fire brigade out to clean the house with their hoses. You can see the entire episode here. The description, run through machine translation, is no help at all. Still, I’d watch a TV show with a cast named Roar, Morten, Rune, and Thorfinn. (via reddit)

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