Thursday, December 03, 2015

Off to Defend His Thesis

David is about to publicly present and defend his dissertation in math at Stanford University. That’s somewhat equivalent to throwing yourself off a cliff wearing an untested parachute you invented yourself. Is he nervous? No, he’s so cool he’s getting there by unicycle. And he juggles when he rides his unicycle. Dave knows something about risk. And his Dad knows a great video opportunity when he sees it. Oh yeah, he got his PhD that day. That was in 2009. His Dad gave us this update yesterday:
David went on do his Post Doc at Harvard and finished it off at USC. He is now, at the age of 33, a Mathematics professor at Montana State University and doing research. He juggles 7 balls easily, still rides his Uni, and just recently placed 4th in the Wasatch 100 mile Ultra Run.
Here’s David now. (via Neatorama)  

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