Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Miss Cellania's Links

Mother of the Father of His Country. Mary Washington was an old-school helicopter parent.

NASA will be accepting applications for its astronaut program beginning next week. Do you have the right stuff?

Over the weekend, former president Jimmy Carter announced that he is now cancer-free. Here's why the drug that helped him is such a big deal.

The shortest science papers ever published have no words. It’s the titles that make them so brilliant.

America’s First Birth Control Clinic was opened in Brooklyn by Margaret Sanger in 1916. It was tremendously popular, but only lasted ten days.

What’s a Species, Anyway? The Red Wolf Recovery Program has consumed decades and millions of dollars, for a species that may not exist.

7 Ways to Nap at Work. Your boss might not like the idea, but a worker must have priorities.

A Brief History of Sending a Letter to Santa.

Ryan Myers decided to have a little fun labeling his daughter’s lunch. You can see 53 different lunch bags, each funnier than the one before, at imgur.  (via Pleated-Jeans)

5 Ugly Things You Learn As A Sex Slave In The Modern World

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