Thursday, December 03, 2015

Miss Cellania's Links

Why You Can’t Do That on Television Was One of a Kind. No show that cheap could be a hit today.

Leaked Star Wars Auditions With The Bots From MST3K. Look to the future as Crow and Tom Servo take their place as droids in a galaxy far, far away.

6 reasons why The Phantom Menace is better than you think. Or maybe we should say it’s not as bad as you’ve come to believe. 

The Dreams of an Astronaut, with Helen Sharman. The first British astronaut tells how her experience in space affected her.

A Giggle-inducing Guide to This Year's Lifetime Christmas Movies. You know how they all end, but it doesn’t matter if you enjoy the ride.

A Day In the Life of an Empowered Female Heroine.

A grim bargain: Once a weakness, low-skilled workers who get paid little have become the Deep South’s strength.

Leaked Documents Reveal Dothan Police Department Planted Drugs on Young Black Men For Years. (via Metafilter) Dothan Police Chief Steve Parrish responded.

20 of the Most Surprising Numbers about Seinfeld

Collectors Weekly interviewed Gabriel and Sarah Chrisman about living their anachronistically Victorian life together.


Anonymous said...

Dothan Police response

Miss Cellania said...

Thanks! I'll add that link.

Anonymous said...

For a so called fun blog, you sure know how to mine some incredibly good, for lack of a better word, news. Your choice of serious journalism links is outstanding. And I thank you for that. Living south of you, I can see daily, the fragile existence of so many people living on the edge. Yet, they all have NRA, Bush/Cheney, and Trump bumper stickers...

Miss Cellania said...

Thank you! I surf all the time, looking for stuff for my work sites, and come across many interesting things I can't use professionally, but are important to me. Those regularly go here.