Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Why Flushable Wipes Aren't Flushable

Once again, Adam Ruins Everything. In the last decade, the toilet paper industry has spent millions convincing Americans they need to use moist wipes in addition to toilet paper. That may be all well and good (although expensive), but don’t put them in the toilet. Sure, they say “flushable,” but just because you can flush them doesn’t mean that you should. Adam Conover explains flushable wipes in explicit detail.


Barbwire said...

Advertising. It convinces people that they need all kinds of useless, unnecessary things. Plastic bottles full of (often) tap water--you see people with them everywhere. I recently had a guy working here who asked me if I had any ice cubes, which he wanted to cool his bottled water. I told him sure, but I had no bottled water. He asked me what I drank. He was shocked when I told him I drank tap water, and pointed out that the ice cubes were made with tap water, too.

Miss Cellania said...

Barbwire, you will appreciate today's xkcd: http://xkcd.com/1599/