Friday, November 06, 2015

Miss Cellania's Links

Everything You Want to Know About Ranch Dressing (But Were Afraid to Ask). 

What Defines a Country? Many places fit some definitions, but still aren’t recognized. (via Digg)

The "Science" Behind the Plague Doctor Mask.

Did the CIA's Experiments With Psychedelic Drugs Unwittingly Create the Grateful Dead? 

How To Apologize. Mallory Ortberg gets inside the psyche of people you know.

Is Ben Carson Running for President? His campaign appears more like a branding exercise. 

17 Pioneering (and strangely scandalous) Facts About Little House on the Prairie

Who is the worst character on television? Vote in the tournament! See the bracket here.


Bruce M said...

How to Apologize.
This always reminds me of a variant Of a Grace Hopper quote. "It is much easier to apologize than it is to get permission." I think the original quote is "It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission."

Barbwire said...

That article on apologizing--what if people took it seriously? One hopes that only the worst of narcissists would do so, but still...