Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Miss Cellania's Links

Load of the (Wedding and Other) Rings. “…the article started innocuously enough, but then got real strange real quick!”

The crisis in Ukraine explained in simple terms.

Rob Cockerham was determined to make perfectly clear ice. It was far from easy. (via Metafilter)

6 Insane Easter Eggs Buried in Famous TV Shows.

Police Violence In India Drives A Gay Couple To The U.S. — And A Detention Cell.

Scientists Strap Tiny 'Backpacks' To 5,000 Bees for Science. Is this the job you thought you’d end up with as a biologist?

This is how they test tank brakes in the Netherlands. The nerves of the testers were also thoroughly tested.

Enjoy nine new clips from The Lego Movie. They’re only a minute each, so you can still look forward to seeing the whole thing.

Man Repairs Fiancée’s Childhood Teddy Bear and Her Reaction Is Priceless. She’s crying because a man that thoughtful is a definite keeper.

A Massachusetts State Trooper wrote an obituary for his partner of nine years. The story of K-9 officer Dante will make you want to grab a hankie and hug your pets.

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