Monday, March 04, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

A Long, Strange Trip. Research into the medicinal value of psychedelic drugs.

The True-Life Horror that Inspired Moby-Dick. 

27 Signs You Were Raised By Immigrant Parents.

The Worst American Restaurants in Europe. 

Why are cheetahs so hard to breed in captivity? A three-part series starts here.  (via Not Exactly Rocket Science)

The invasion of the giant beavers! Sacramento residents report dozens of beavers up to 70 pounds each bringing down trees in the neighborhood.

The #TitleSwap game on Twitter turns book titles around to comic effect, like The Wrath of Grapes. See more examples and you might want to come up with your own.

16 Facts About Time That Could Blow Your Mind. With short explanations that will make you want to learn more.

 A Peek Inside the Little Black Books of Pop Culture Icons. Worth the click just to see Marlon Brando with a typewriter and a cat.

The ABC Family series Switched at Birth will present tonight's episode almost entirely in sign language. The story features a student protest reminiscent of the Gallaudet University uprising in 1988 that lead to the school's first deaf president.


Joe Koomen said...

No link for the giant Beaver story.

Joe Koomen said...

No link for the giant Beaver story.

Miss Cellania said...

Oh! Thanks for finding that ...fixed. Sorry!