Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

The Birth of Frosted Flakes. And Tony the Tiger.

Should You Feel Guilty About Wearing Vintage Fur?

The 50 Weirdest Engagement Portraits Of All Time. (via Unreality)

The Men Who Spy on Women Through Their Webcams. If you ever laughed at someone who put a Post-it note over their webcam lens because you thought they were being paranoid, you might want to think about doing it yourself. (via Metafilter)

A Dallas veterinarian adopted a 41-pound cat named "Skinny."  She must be doing something right, as Skinny is down to 34 pounds now.

In 1968, Fave magazine published a letter from a girl to Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame. Leonard Nimoy replied in the next issue, with advice that's still as good today.

The Skytree broadcast tower in Tokyo is the world's tallest tower. Get a closeup look at this wonder of the modern world.

Season three of The Walking Dead has spawned a whole new set of image memes. These contain spoilers if you're not current on the series, but you'd be doing good to figure them out.

Why we badly need a slower Internet (and fewer lists). Oh, this essay is not about slower internet connection, but a plea for more substance in the information presented.

You can download 700 Marvel comic books right now — for free. The offer ends tonight at 11 Eastern time, so check out this handy guide to know where you should start.

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